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Products for Soft Curls

Hello! I wanted to talk to you about a great blowdry product combo! Right now the beachy waves are popular but it's moving toward a more smooth loose wave. I love these 3 products specifically for this. KMS California has categorized their products into 3 steps,START,STYLE, and FINISH. The beginning of your style STARTS with Priming the hair with shampoo,conditioner,and a style prep leave in. When you proceed to STYLE your hair you'll use these products to shape,mold,and craft your style. The FINISH line is your Hold and Humidity protection. So locking in your style. In this picture I have featured 2 products from the STYLE line and one from the finish line. The hair texture and style will determine what you START with. When I'm going to blow dry and curl someones hair I like it to look really smooth before I hit it with an iron. I first put in the Smoothing Lotion and comb it through the hair for even distribution. I then use about 1full pump of the Molding Paste and rub it through my hands evenly. I then take about half a pump of the De-Frizz Oil and put that in my hands. I distribute that in the hair from about the mid shaft to the ends. I comb through evenly and blowdry. Once I am finished I curl the hair. After I have curled the hair I take a quarter pump of the Molding Paste and just a tiny drop of the De-Frizz Oil into my hands and rake the product through the hair. I then spray a little bit of Working Spray[Hairspray not shown] into the hair and brush the curls out!!! Your left with a soft Curl that looks Luxurious, yet wearable on a daily basis!!! Feel free to contact me anytime! Thank you for stopping by!!!

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