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Dimensional Color to Suit Your Everyday Lifestyle!

Balayage      starts at    $95 an hour

 Includes root shadow, gloss, and brightened tips.

Single  Color         $95

Double Color        $110

Partial Highlight   $185

includes root shadow and gloss

Full Highlight      $300

includes root shadow and gloss

All prices subject to change based on clients situation

Copper DImension Color

This copper color is a head turner! A soft balayage with different tones of copper make it shine!

Traditional Ombre
Money Piece Blonde
Soft Blonde Balayage with Dimension
Balayage on dark blonde hair
Foilage blonde hair
Hair Painting
Blonde balayage
Dark Chocolate Balayage with caramel ribbon
Violet Balayage
Chestnut Blonde
Hair Painted Balayage
Brunette Balayage on Dark Brown Hair
Bob Haircut with pops of Blonde
Natural Balayage
Free Hand Painting
Blonde All over Painting
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