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Color Correction Balayage

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about color correction. I feel it's getting lost in translation through social media. Anytime you have more than 3 colors in your hair it is considered color correction. This client here had not only 3 different colors but she also had gray. So basically 4 different areas that needed to be addressed. Since her ends were darker than the mid area I had to brighten up her ends to make sure we got rid of her spots. I also wanted to break up the part where the dark meets the light so I blended that with a demi permanent color (conditioning color with no ammonia) as to give it a more natural look. I then did baby lights (natural fine highlights) on top and sides. At the shampoo bowl I toned her and did whats called Tapping Out the Roots. That is where we put another demi permanent color on the root to give you a soft grow out.So right now the style is a lived in look. So basically a grown out rooty look with a soft contrast. The benefit of this,is,you can stay out of the salon for months!!! That is the long term benefit. In short,it can be costly and timely but usually the first visit is the most expensive. After that your put on a maintenance plan so you,ll know how much everything will be for the year. Roughly!! I hope this was'nt to complicated and I hope you got something out of it!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!! Thank You!!

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